The days with flowers | 有花的日子

In the recent Apartment Therapy January Cure, the editor talked about how flowers can make a difference for us to appreciate life and beautify our lovely homes.

One of the traditions I’ve kept ever since married is picking up flowers while grocery-shopping.  Trader Joe’s usually have decent flowers with good prices. I also go to Whole Foods, and sometimes Russo’s Market in Watertown if nothing at TJs works. There are times that I can’t find any good ones at all of those places and then I just use the green plants at home as decoration.

I normally spent $4 to $10 each week on flowers and they make my work-from-home life much more enjoyable. Depending on the quantity of flowers,  I arrange them in one or more vases for living room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom. As flowers often wither at different speed, I also re-arrange and recycle them to make the maximum usage.


Here are some photos of a bouquet I bought last weekend at TJ’s. Make sure you open you blinds/curtains and let the sunshine in…

For brides-to-be, these stores are wonderful resources to order wedding flowers. If you want to be hassle-free, Whole Foods can arrange wedding flowers for you at affordable prices [usually charging only 15% service fee plus the price of flowers]. For adventurers, try inviting friends/family to arrange flowers for you or even do it by yourself.  Last March, I bought all my wedding flowers  from TJs and Russo’s  and had my friend Min in church arranged them for me. I did my bridal bouquet by myself.

Last May, I had the opportunity to be the “florist” for my dear friends Jing and Xinding’s wedding. The bride loves rose, so I made the bridal bouquet with cream roses, lemon leaves, and baby’s breath. The bridesmaid bouquets were made with yellow roses and baby’s breath to complement their royal blue bridesmaid’s dresses. For the aisle decorations at MIT chapel, we arranged one blue hydrangea with three orange tulips in each of the 10 mason jars. They were reused as the table centerpieces at the dinner reception. Photos can be found at the below link:

Enjoy flowers in a beautiful new year!



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